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Relocation services based in Israel for clients moving to Europe

Leaving your home behind and moving abroad to a new place is exciting but can be quite challenging. We are here for you to ensure that your move will be successful and enjoyable at the same time. It is our mission to find you your new home. Whether family or company, we cannot wait to help you find the perfect solutions for all your needs.
Sweet home - away from home!

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Finding the perfect neighborhood for your need - from skyscrapers in downtown to quiet homes outside the city centre. This includes choosing the fitting neighbors, community and surroundings. We guide you throughout  all stages of the process whether renting or purchasing houses and apartments.

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Moving to a new place can be difficult for children and is most worrisome for parents. We help you find the best institutions based on their educational and social standards. Preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, high school and university - together we ensure that your loved ones will have an easy transition and empowering experience.

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We can advise you about job opportunities based on your background and career aspirations. Verifying if your work license is acknowledged in the country you are moving to and helping with bureaucracy. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.



We help obtaining visas and work permits for you, your family and employees. All the bureaucratic matters in the new country are being taken care of by us. 

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Financial Consultation 

Tax and pension regulations vary from country to country. Our employees will clarify your tax obligations as well as financial benefits. This service also includes choosing the fitting pension plan for you and your family. 


Language & Adjustment Seminars 

Having to adapt to a new language and culture are some of the biggest challenges when moving to a new country. In order for you to overcome these obstacles we recommend participating in locally organized seminars that we will find for you. These events will make you familiar with basic language skills, cultural habits and a geographical overview of the country. 


Shipment & Logistics 

Moving to a new home brings complex logistics with it. S.H. Relocation will choose the most effective shipping solution for your need. Our qualified partners will take care of the packing, shipping and storing of your belongings. We also provide assistance with renting furniture. 

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